If you think about it, there was probably a time in human existence when unemployment did not exist.

A society that makes individuals dependent on itself, instead of a society of individuals in which society is secondary to their survival will inevitably have unemployment.

In essence, your knowledge has become a commodity. Something that you have paid for to then be granted a job in a society that governs you. It is an unfortunate model of existence.

Copyright © 2013 Jorge Luis Carbajosa


2 Responses to “Unemployment”

  1. alex101188 Says:

    Yes you are right there was a time in history when there was no unemployment, and that time was when man had to produce all the things he needed to survie by himself, there was no labor division. So man had to spend time to produce all he needed to survive by himself and so every person was employed to work for himself. As you can tell back then productivity of individuals was very low because of this and further more there was no time left for culture and education. Without labour division there would’t be any unemployemnt BUT there wouldn’t be any techonlogyc progress and so mankinde would have still lived in caves or huts. Just think of the tirbes in Africa where each member of the comuniti has to hunt, gather , farm , build theire own houses and so on.. what thechonological porgres did they had?

  2. jorgeluiscarbajosa Says:

    Dear Alex,
    Thank you very much for your comment and to take the time to read my blog, I much appreciate it.
    I don’t know if what you say is true about tribes in Africa, because I believe tribes are groups of people who live together and divide labor. You also say that without labor division there can be no technological progress. Sure, in the scenario you create, I think technological progress would be difficult if all we had time for was survival and there was strictly no division of labor.
    But what I am driving at here is the forced division of labour (spelled the British way now) and the lack of means individuals have to be able to be more dependent on themselves and what they own for survival. In essence there is a skills, knowledge, property and goods struggle here because the more skills, knowledge, property and goods an individual owns, the more the individual has to depend less on society to survive. We need to empower individuals with more options for survival.
    For example, let’s suppose that I am an unemployed nurse and I am homeless. I basically would be a person with no means trying to find a job in my field. I would not be very productive and I wouldn’t have many options to make it until I found a job as a nurse. Suppose now that I have children to support and a wife, who don’t work. Suppose too that I live in a market saturated with nurses and finding a job as a nurse is very difficult.
    This would be a very different scenario if I owned my own home and had my own land and did not necessarily have to work as a nurse for a living in order to support my wife and children.
    So in a nutshell what I am saying is that we need to strive for the second situation more than the first.
    Hope that makes sense and thanks again.

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