Chicago Beach Picnic

I moved to Chicago in 1994 and I went to my first picnic barbecue yesterday along the beach front on Foster. I was surprised at the size of the area there available for barbecues. It’s huge.

Some of the people I went with had asked me to purchase some beer, which I did. Now, I don’t drink so when I got there I just brought it with me and walked nonchalantly to the area where my friends were. I was soon told to hide it because drinking is not allowed at the beach and/or park. Why did they ask me to bring it in the first place? But it is absurd that people are not allowed to drink alcohol. Why not? In the European countries I have lived in drinking in public spaces is not so restricted as in the U.S.

Another thing I noticed is the lack of trash receptacles. There was also no encouragement to discard food waste right on the park itself. This would be the ideal thing to do instead of mixing it with plastic and putting it in a plastic bag.

There were some recycling receptacles but the lack of trash receptacles had a lot of people filling those up with regular garbage.

We left at dusk and there was trash everywhere.

Copyright 2013 Jorge Luis Carbajosa

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