Environmental Crimes

Not too long ago slavery was normal. This meant that a slave-owner could basically do whatever he/she wanted with a black man/woman; kill him/her, have sex with him/her, kill and rape his/her children, sell them, etc. All of this was done without many questions asked, if any. This was what society thought was normal behavior. People would go to church on Sundays and have slaves at home. Well to do people like George Washington, the first American president, had slaves.

In the same way, we commit many environmental crimes today, without knowing what we are doing. If humans are still around in the future, we will look back and be surprised at what we do to our environment without so much as flinching a finger about it.

What environmental crimes do we commit, you may ask? Well even buying gas can be alleged to be an environmental crime because you are not paying what it really costs our environment. All the animals that have been killed to extract it, the environmental damage it caused, the damage to our environment to bring it to the gas station and the damage you will create when you drive your car is not being paid for by you or by the gas companies.

Even simple things like throwing out your garbage can be considered as an environmental crime. Mixing your organic waste with plastic and having that sent to a landfill has an environmental cost and consequences that no one is paying for.

Dramatic you might think but the future of mankind depends on the environment.

Copyright © 2014 Jorge Luis Carbajosa

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