Proud to be an American

A letter to the Management of the Security Company at the Department of Homeland  Security Building

To: Security Manager at DHS

536 S Clark St, Chicago


Dear Security Manager,

This letter is to commend your security guard, Mr. Joe Naxci for doing such a great job.

I am a court interpreter and this morning I entered your immigration building to go to a few cases in the basement, where the two court rooms are.

I saw Mr. Joe Naxci performing his job outstandingly at the main entrance lobby as I waited to go through the metal detectors. You could clearly hear him above all the other six to seven guards there. He acted like a general in a battlefield shouting orders at all the immigrants that were going through security. “TAKE YOUR BELT OFF AND GO THROUGH THE METAL DETECTOR ONCE AGAIN!!! MA’AM! MA’AM!!! ONCE AGAIN I SAID!!!” this at a little old Central-American looking woman. I can understand, you should have seen the way she was dressed. She clearly was poor and probably never bothered to learn English.

He also shouted really loud at an oriental woman who had three little children and one had managed to sit on a window sill. MA’AM, MA’AM!!! REMOVE YOUR CHILD !!! That man should be promoted.

It makes me proud to see one of your officers go well beyond the call of duty for the security of our Fatherland. I mean, these darn immigrants must think they own this country.  You’re not as boring as Federal Criminal Court, they’re way too polite over there. They are probably doing something wrong because they don’t make you put your hat inside the metal detector. And I am happy to go through the metal detectors every time I’m scheduled at immigration court and listen to your guards’ rude but so necessary yells to take my belt off, put my wallet and lap-top on the conveyor belt and all my belongings. Yes, even though I have been an independent contractor for them since 1997 and I have gone through a security clearance several times to work there, I think it really adds to our nation’s security to have me go through the metal detectors every single time. And the radiation does not scare me in the least. I know you get more radiation from the microwave at home.

Oh, and before I forget, I also want to commend officer Jane Ratched for a job well done: While I was leaning at the counter she politely barked at me to “GET OFF THE COUNTER IT IS A SECURITY BREACH!” I did that while waiting to be escorted to the court-rooms in the basement. I am not offended, I don’t go to those immigration courts that often and she’s probably only seen me a dozen times before. I am really sorry, I have an injured back so I sometimes lean on things to hold my weight and since I am an independent contractor my insurance deductible is very high and I still haven’t gotten around getting that MRI.

So in conclusion, I know that our tax money is going to very good use when I see guards like the ones in your company and I know they make all Americans proud.


Copyright © 2011 Jorge Luis Carbajosa

2 Responses to “Proud to be an American”

  1. German Cadena Says:

    I personally think, these officers are the first impression you have on any country. Shouting and displaying such an bad attitude when there is no need to do so..does convey the wrong message. No one needs to be treated in such a manner unless, of course, you are a suspect – but it seems nowadays, we all are. Not good. BTW, great article Jorge!

  2. Pia Chojdecki Says:

    Yikes! Glad you wrote to them to do something about it!

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