The first “Good Morning” ever

Thousands of years ago humans never greeted each other. People just went to work and never said hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and even bye. Life was the same; nothing was different. People just didn’t greet each other. There was no need. Then one day one fellow who was rather upset at work, but for no reason, decided to say good morning to his fellow employee, just to blow off some steam.

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“Good morning.”
“Is it really? Why do you say that?” His fellow employee replied.
After a long thought the inventor of greetings sighed and said, “Look, I just want you to say good morning back to me.”
His fellow employee thought about it for a second.
“OK, no problem. Good morning.” And then he thought to himself: I prefer not to have an argument. I just want to have a good day at work today and go back to my family this evening. Couldn’t care less what this moron wants. It don’t make any difference. I’m not going to argue and create a problem for myself.
And so it became a habit in that office building a couple of milleniums ago. Now these two persons would just say good morning to each other every day and soon the secretary started doing the same thing because she thought it was cool and all the other co-workers thought so too. Even the supervisor liked it. Then one day somebody came up with the idea of saying good-bye in that same office building and it caught on too. Then it started happening on social media, text messages and soon after the whole world started doing it. Some people think the first text message with a greeting was in Japan somewhere but no one knows for sure. In any event, it is so common now that no one gives it much thought.

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  1. victorcarbajosa Says:

    Tas como una chota!!

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