Polish and Spanish

I went to a transmission shop to inquire about my car. The man who helped me had a strong accent and looked like he was from the southern Mediterranean or from the

close up photo of vehicle engine

Photo by George Sultan on Pexels.com

Middle East. I saw the name on his tag “Stan.” It was unlikely he was Spanish with that name. Normally, for a better communication, I like to speak to Spanish speakers in their native tongue, but this man did not seem to be Spanish speaking. He led me to his office and asked me to sit down. Then he sat on his big desk and took out two binders from a shelf.

“You said a Toyota?”
 “Yes, a Solara, 2004, V6, 3.3 liter.”
He was looking through the charts, going back and forth in the pages.
After about a minute of looking at the tables, when I was beginning to think he wouldn’t have my car listed on his binders, he said:
“Front wheel drive?”
“OK, the base price is $2300.”
“How long?”
“About 3 or 4 days.”

Then he explained to me all the details of how the job might cost more if they had to place a new or rebuilt transmission.
I was simply inquiring, not really having any intentions of fixing my car, but just selling it or giving it to my mechanic to see what he can give me for it. In any event, I got Stan’s business card and told him I would think about it.

When I was leaving, I asked him, “Where are you from?” and he said “Polish, Polski.” I told him I was from Spain so we could feel more connected, since we are both European. Then he said, “You look Polish.” and out of my mouth, I immediately answered back “And you Spanish.”

I let out some laughter as I was walking out. Just one of those funny moments in life, I thought to myself.

Copyright © 2016 Jorge Luis Carbajosa

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