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All Firearms Are Discharged By The Devil

December 17, 2012

There’s a Spanish proverb which says Las armas las carga el diablo which is also known as las armas son del diablo. It is a proverb that would be good for the American conscience to think about and be aware of at this time of tragedy, and it means that the devil is the one who discharges all firearms. So it doesn’t matter who carries or owns a firearm, ultimately it is the devil who will fire it.

The NRA and all gun supporters can make all the arguments in favor of weapons they want, but in the Spanish world we know this proverb to be true, and not necessarily in the sense that there is a devil out there who will indeed control any weapon you happen to be carrying, but in the sense that humans don’t quite realize what it means to take someone’s life, and how powerless we are over weapons that discharge themselves accidentally and have done so in too many tragic instances. It is for a reason, after all, that that the Fifth Commandment says “Thou shall not kill.”

Everyone knows that the kind of massacre that recently occurred in Connecticut, rarely, if ever, happens in Europe, where guns are basically banned almost everywhere. And ask yourself the following question: What business do you have owning an assault weapon, or a hand gun? If you really are so much into guns, I would not oppose that you own a hunting rifle, and that is all. Think about this: Do you want to carry a firearm? Sure, bring a rifle. I really have no problem with that and I don’t say it sarcastically because I will be able to see at a distance that you have one. And let’s see how well you can conceal a hunting rifle. I think police and security guards will agree.

I don’t want my children to grow up in a country where civilians have relatively easy access to firearms that are not hunting rifles or alike. I’m not a gun expert, but I think you understand what I am saying. I don’t like the idea that my 3 and 8 year old are not safe in this society. I don’t want my sons’ lives to be taken from them tragically by a fool. I don’t want my children to be raised in vain and to have their lives vanish because of someone’s lunacy.

The press now talks about a possible new ban on assault weapons. Well anyone can tell you  it will have to be much more than that. I’ve already expressed what I think of hand guns. Making elementary schools hire security guards could help (and possibly even decrease unemployment). But like a lawyer friend of mine pointed out there must also be firm liability laws to make gun ownership extremely expensive and to make manufacturing companies liable for their products.

Until then, or until something is changed in our society, what happened in Sandy Hook will not be of much surprise to any of us who live in this country. We will simply continue to hope that it doesn’t ever happen in our school district, or in the malls we go to.

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