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MANIFESTO: A solution to our environmental problems is collective ownership

April 3, 2014

It is quite clear by now that all life in our planet is connected. Life depends on itself to survive. We survive by ingesting other life forms.

Therefore we as humans depend on the environment for our survival and our children depend on the environment as well.

It is clear that the great majority of countries and corporations are not interested in the well being of our planet first, but rather in their own  survival and well being. We as individuals must eventually abolish all countries and become only one planet, without countries. We must respect nations and cultures but we must only be one world free of armed forces and countries.

We as indivdiduals must own the environment because it belongs to us as much as it belongs to anyone else. The efforts of Greenpeace and many other ecological organizations to save our planet are to be applauded but the effectiveness of their work in our planet, if compared to the destruction that governments and corporations are causing is minimal. These ecological organizations depend on contributions for survival and are themselves run by a minority of people. Therefore we the individuals of our planet must appropriate all elements of the planet and own it either as shares or some other viable form. All elements includes the air we breathe.

We must think of our planet as a condominium. All individuals have the right to some limited but fair space and everything else in this planet must be considered as common property and cannot be altered without the approval of all owners. The planet belongs to us first, to the common individual, not to our governments and not to corporations.

The future and exploitation of our planet cannot be determined by countries and corporations and to continue allowing it is simply criminal and a crime against humanity and our planet.

We as humans must take ownership of what  the universe has given us and we must live in a way that sustains future life. Governments and corporations can no longer control our lives and force us to live without a collective ownership of our planet.

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