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February 7, 2013

If you think about it, there was probably a time in human existence when unemployment did not exist.

A society that makes individuals dependent on itself, instead of a society of individuals in which society is secondary to their survival will inevitably have unemployment.

In essence, your knowledge has become a commodity. Something that you have paid for to then be granted a job in a society that governs you. It is an unfortunate model of existence.

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Another day

February 7, 2013

So I wake up to another day. I know it will be a day where there is little I can do to help our environment against our human practices that are not ecological.

It will be another day of lack of knowledge that is kept from us by corporations and our government. One which we know the government is making decisions concerning our environment that we, the common people, have no control over.

It will be a day in which I am still very dependent of society to survive instead of one where I would be able to depend on myself and the knowledge I possess to survive. It will not be a day where society is secondary to my survival.

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Love is

February 7, 2013

Love is feeling that all your dreams have come true, that you have nothing to worry about, that life is simply wonderful; love is like you are living a dream. It is your spirit being happy.

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