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September 22, 2018

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The Immortal

September 3, 2018

After you die, your Spirit can go anywhere in the Universe. You will no longer die again. If you want, you can go to the Heaven or Hell that humans speak of, which is only imaginary, because that is just another part of the universe. You can imagine and create anything you want. You are also free to go where you please, and do as your want. You can experience whatever you wish at no consequence to you. You can see, feel and hear everything you desire at the pace you desire.

You can visit your past, relive all experiences again. You can live other people’s experiences too. You can witness what happened in the past at any time of the universe. You can go back one hundred million years, or any amount of time, and visit the earth or any place of the Universe, get to know what happened or will happen. You can experience and relive all the pain and emotions of the innocent that were killed in the past, you can go into the future too. You can sleep for a century, or any amount of time, and feel what a normal person would feel. You can sleep and not feel anything. You can have all the sex you want, all the ways you can think of and with all the people you want or don’t want. You can have access to all the knowledge of the universe and it’s secrets. You have all the time to do as you please or not please. There are no limits to your eternal life. There are no limits to what you can see and experience. The possibilities are endless, you are now Immortal.

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