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Conversation with my soon to be 4 year-old

January 27, 2013

“Hey dad I’m going to pass gas on your face.” For many months now Kemen has talked a lot about “booty” and “passing gas.” It amuses him.
“Well, that’s going to be real stinky,” I tell Kemen.
He laughs hard for a while.
Of course I don’t know how his mother deals with that issue but I try to tell him not talk too much about those things and usually just laugh it off, what is the big deal anyway?

Mighty Thor and coffee

January 5, 2013

I used to drink coffee like the mighty Thor in the saga where he is in a drinking contest and unbeknownst to him his horn is connected to the ocean instead of only containing mead. So Thor is incapable of emptying his horn thus causing major tidal waves. Such was my thirst for coffee, insatiable. My new year’s resolution was to be coffee free. It’s been 5 days.. Perhaps Starbucks shares will drop. I will miss you my dear coffee.

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