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Highway to Hell and Beer

April 20, 2015
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When I was in my early twenties one of my favorite past times on Friday nights was drinking beer and listening to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” on high volume. I would sing the songs out loud and dance to them while I head banged and played the air guitar. It was beer after beer and I would start getting a buzz after my sixth can. I don’t remember if I drank the whole twelve-pack. Sometimes a friend would come over and join me doing the same thing. I thought this was a lot of fun and often we would go to a bar afterwards and continue drinking. No matter what, my Friday nights would end either in the bathroom puking my guts out or I would pass out in my bed. The next day, of course, I would have a horrible hangover to deal with. I couldn’t help myself.  I sometimes wished I had been Bon Scott, one of my favorite heavy metal vocalists.

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Mighty Thor and coffee

January 5, 2013

I used to drink coffee like the mighty Thor in the saga where he is in a drinking contest and unbeknownst to him his horn is connected to the ocean instead of only containing mead. So Thor is incapable of emptying his horn thus causing major tidal waves. Such was my thirst for coffee, insatiable. My new year’s resolution was to be coffee free. It’s been 5 days.. Perhaps Starbucks shares will drop. I will miss you my dear coffee.

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