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The Chicago Junction Railway Embankment: Cottage Grove Ave Mural, and West to 41st Street

December 27, 2022

This part of the abandoned embankment is located between 41st Street and Bowen Ave and runs northwest from Cottage Grove.

Google aerial view between Cottage Grove Ave & 41st Street. The embankment is under the continuous forest of trees we see above. It is about 415 feel long (127 meters).

On 41st Street, between Cottage Grove Ave and Langley Ave, it has large walls on both the south and north side of the street. It also has a mural on Cottage Grove Avenue. Its south wall is visible from both Bowen Ave and in the alley behind a row of houses on the east half of the East 700 block of Bowen Ave. Its north wall is visible in the back of some apartment buildings located on East 41st Street that reach 41st St and West of the apartment buildings. The mural is about 13′ tall and almost 53′ wide, the lead artist is Bernard Williams and it was painted in 2003.

South Wall along Bowen Avenue to Cottage Grove, of the Chicago Junction Railway Embankment, winter 2023
South wall of the Chicago Junction Railway Embankment, Summer 2020 approx
Video of the North Wall of the CJR Embankment on 41st Street

The Ellis and Lake Park Station

The Chicago Junction Railway Embankment: Ellis Ave to Drexel Blvd and Mural

Cottage Grove Ave Mural, and West to 41st St

North of 41st St to South Langley Ave and 40th St

South Langley Ave and north of 40th St to the Abandoned Vincennes Station

Vincennes Ave to MLK, along south side of E Oakwood Blvd, north of Paul G Stewart Apartments

The South Parkway Train Station on Martin Luther King Drive

The mural on the West side of Martin Luther King Drive

West of MLK Drive to Calumet Ave

West of South Prairie Ave to S Indiana Ave

Indiana Train station

South Michigan Ave to South Wabash Ave

West South Wabash to East South State street

West of South State St to S Dearborn St


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The “L”, The Development of Chicago’s Rapid Transit System 1888-1932 by Bruce G. Moffat, 1995

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