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Palm Sunday Seville 1940

April 30, 2020

Email from my father, Ramón Carbajosa-Segura on April 4th, 2004:

Dear Sons,

64 years ago, Franco’s fascist police took away my father and kept him in jail for 6 months. It happened before lunch time. All of my mother’s crying and begging was useless and so was ours (Pepe, Eduardo, Alicia and I). From the balcony of the apartment where we lived crowded together, we saw how they put him inside a car and left. Mom cried all afternoon, waiting for his return, since the police had assured her that it was just for a couple of hours….At 11pm that same day, my mother lost an eight month pregnancy of a boy to a miscarriage, and I being only 9 years old, had to go find a cab driver and a doctor, running down the streets of Seville crying, while my mother lost a lot of blood. 

I will never forget it, I will never forgive it.

All of you know the story already, but it is question of showing the flag every year as a matter of principle.

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