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Good Morning from Shithole Senegal

January 17, 2018

By José Ramón Carbajosa

Beautiful weather right now in Dakar, around 20-25 degrees celsius, sunny.

The economy is doing well. GDP is growing at 6% per year since 2011. Foreign investment is pouring in. People are working hand in hand to develop the country.

We have a great and vibrant democracy. There’s never been a Coup d’Etat. The Free Press is sacred. They can publish what they want (even fake news) without being harassed by the Executive.

Society here is very tolerant. Christians and Muslims respect each other. They work together to address problems and issue that affect the country, like poverty, corruption and terrorism.

There is no racism towards whites. The Senegalese are forgiving about our dismal past in this continent. They make us feel welcome. People are gentle and have good manners.

Senegal’s president is “presidential.” There are good and bad politicians but in general terms they are polite and try to convince the people using solid arguments. Throughout the political spectrum, it is not uncommon to find agreement in the important issues.

If this is Shit, then Hurray to Shit.

Copyright © 2018 José Ramón Carbajosa

At the beach in shithole Dakar wih David

At the beach at Shithole Dakar, Senegal, with David.