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Dependency on our planet, not our society

March 5, 2014

We are directly dependent of the society we live in but indirectly dependent of our planet. But our survival in the long run depends on our planet, not on our society. We must cut out this middle man, which is our society, and become more dependent of our planet. This way we would be more responsible for our planet because our survival would depend on it and we would be more aware of our planet.


October 29, 2013
head of diseased Kenyan child in Kibera Slums

Diseased Kenyan child in Kibera slums, Nairobi

You are born into this world without anything and you leave this world when you die, without anything. So what makes you think that you can own this world, that you can own the environment, that you can own skill and knowledge, that you can keep it from us, sell it to us at piece meal and make us dependent on you? What and who gives you that right?

You have developed a system of voting with your rules, not ours. You say that we have the right to vote so we can change our leaders who make your rules, not ours. And we have to wait for change, which once again comes in piece meal.

But the environment and our children cannot wait. While you make us wait to change your rules, our environment is being poisoned by your rules and our children are diseased and dying.

So if we are to survive in this society created by humans, we must take back what should have never been theirs and create an equal, open and transparent society for all. Without that the world will continue to be for the privileged and the few and injustice will continue to reign in our society because it is controlled by the few.

Copyright © 2013 Jorge Luis Carbajosa


October 2, 2013

Unlike corporations and countries, humans can have hope for the future. Corporations and countries, unfortunately, are more concerned about the stupid societies they have created. The sooner we get rid of countries and change our societies to be more reflective of human and environmental needs, the better.

Copyright © 2013 Jorge Luis Carbajosa