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Creation (conversations of the Suns)

January 17, 2018

—I will create Life.

–So, how will it survive?

–By feeding on itself.

–How’s that going to work?

–They’ll figure it out. It’s all part of Change itself.

-I see. It’s just numbers. That’s brilliant.

abstract beach bright clouds

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Copyright © 2018 Jorge Luis Carbajosa

A humble prayer

January 13, 2016

Thank you Mother Earth, Sun, Great Spirit, Higher Power, what some people refer to as God, thank you for the life you have given us.

Please help us abolish all borders and live together as the true brothers and sisters that we are, in a respectful and considerate manner towards not just our fellow humans, but to other beings on this planet, such as Plantssun and Animals.

Please help us live in tolerance and respect, with transparent governments and without fear.

Please help us live in a way where we protect our environment for us and for our children.

And thank you Higher Power, once again, for the opportunity to live.

Copyright © 2016 Jorge Luis Carbajosa