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From Amsterdam to Cape Town on Motorbikes

October 26, 2017

This last October twenty-first, I was in  Lomé, Togo and I met two Dutch men who are currently on a motorbike trip from Holland to South Africa and this is their website:

Here’s a picture of these two fellows, father and son:

Africa over land, Dr. Johann, hotel madiba, Lome, Togo

Dr. Johan and his son, Wilbrink, in Lomé, Togo, on 21-10-2017 at the Madiba Hotel

And here is a picture of one of their motorbikes:

BMW,, Dr. Johann and his son, Hotel Madiba, Lome, West Africa, Togo


Dr. Johan, a Medical Doctor in the Netherlands, mentioned he was taking 3 months off from work to do this Road Trip and that the BMW motorbikes they are using are equipped with cameras that take pictures every 30 seconds that they are on the road.

He added they were probably going to ship their bikes from Cotonou, Benin, to somewhere south of Cameroon, since they would not be able to enter Cameroon due to civil unrest in that country.

Their website has all the details about their trip and mentions Lomé here.

It was nice to meet these two men and I wished Dr. Johan the best of luck.

The Madiba Hotel in Lomé, where I met Dr. Johan and Wilbrink, is in the Avepozo neighborhood.

I later learnt there is a website portal for people who travel Africa over land, perhaps these two men were inspired by this portal and named their website similarly.

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