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Local West African Women’s Organization Holding their Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner March 11th

February 6, 2023

If you would like to experience a Togolese night, with West African music and native dancing, and at the same time support a local charity, reserve the date of Saturday, March 11th 2023.

WO.S.A.T, a Chicagoan Togolese Women’s Association is hoping to raise $20K to fund water works projects in the Village of Danyi Gabi, Togo, and to provide much needed medical and school equipment and supplies.

In 2022 WOSAT funded similar projects in the Villages of Atoeta, Ahepe, Agbetiko and Batoumé, with $12K they received from donations and membership dues. WOSAT also funded projects in Togo in 2017, 2016 and 2014. Many videos and pictures are available here.

WOSAT is celebrating their 15 year anniversary and International Women’s Day at Crystal Band Banquet in Lemont. Ticket information is listed in the video below. Donations are welcome for those who may not be able to attend by Zelle / Paypal / CashApp: . WOSAT is a nonprofit organization.

Wo.S.A.T. Fundraiser Gala Dinner Party March 11th Promotional Video
School children at the Village of Batoumé in Togo, West Africa, receiving schools supplies from Wo.S.A.T members 2022
School children at the Village of Batoumé in Togo, West Africa with backpacks purchased by Wo.S.A.T. 2022
In 2022 Wo.S.A.T. provided hospital beds for women to give birth like the one we see in the far left to a hospital in Ahepe, Togo.
Village Elders, Ahepe, Togo, West Africa, 2022
In 2022 Wo.S.A.T. purchased school benches and tables for several school in the Villages of Ahepe, Atoeta, Agbetiko and Batomé, in Togo, West Africa.

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